Jamie Lawrence, GRI, CNS

My experience with Graphical Data has been a very positive one. When they were helping me set up my web page and I wanted a different picture than those I had to choose from, with a nominal charge I was able to have them put on the picture I wanted. The result is stunning! At least that’s how the clients respond.

One of the reasons I went with Graphical Data was when Chris did the demonstration at our office meeting, I found out I could attach my blog to my web page as one of the buttons. Since I wanted to do a video blog, I asked Chris if that could be done and his answer was affirmative. After my web page was set up, Chris and the staff were very patient with me as we got the video blog working like a charm on my web page. I have picked up two clients from my web and vidblog alone.

I haven’t been actively working my vidblog for the past few months, but am still getting positive feed-back from my old ones!

I am very pleased with how easy it is to change things, add blog posts, etc. on my web-page. Not to mention the CMA that’s available through GraphicalData.

Thank you!

Jamie Lawrence, GRI, CNS,