Video! One exciting way to use the Text Element on your gdWebSite

You’ve heard it’s a great idea to post video on your website, right? It can really help your SEO, adds interest and variety for visitors, and can get more buyers looking at showcased properties. What’s not to love about video?

If you’d like to take a crack at posting video on your gdWebSite, read on.

Your first step is finding a hosting site. There are a lot of free options to choose from, and for a simple home-tour video, they should all meet your needs. Squidoo has a good article listing many of your options for free online video hosting.

Host your video and then copy the embed code—which should be available after you finish uploading your video to the hosting site. Now you’re ready to get started!

Begin at the gdSiteBuilder and edit the page you wish to add your video to, or, start fresh with a new page.

Add a text element from the controller menu by clicking the green plus sign and then edit the text element.

Paste the embed code into the text box. Check the “Do not format…” box and click ‘Save Changes’.

That’s it! You’ve got video on your gdWebSite!.

The one trick for an uncluttered main menu

Have you recently created a new page on your website that you don’t really need in your menu? Hiding a page takes a few moments, and using the URL (the direct link to the page) is easy. Read on for a quick how-to.

First, of course, build the page.

Once you have your page set up, return to the gdSiteBuilder, and simply select “Turn Off” under “Page Status.”

To access the page, you’ll need the direct link, so click the page to open it in your browser, then copy the URL. It will look something like this:

The contents of the page will determine what you do with the link.

Add it to a listing

If your page has a video or photo gallery, add the link to the listing. Begin at the gdListingManager and select the listing you want to add to, then paste the URL you previously copied into one of the Virtual Tour link fields. Click ‘set’ and you’re done.

Add it to another page

Add a link to any page using a page layout tool.

Edit the page layout tool,

and type the name of your link, for example “my cool new page”. Highlight the text and click the link button,

then paste the URL in the URL field and click OK.

Save your changes, and you’re done.

You can also share the link in your social networking sites!

What other ways do you use hidden pages? Tell us in the comments!

Keep your website fresh! Add new content whenever you want.

Here’s a quick how-to on creating a new page as a blank canvas for…well, anything!

Begin at the gdSiteBuilder and click ‘Create a New Button.’

Choose the ‘Build your own page’ option.

Name the button and click ‘submit button name’. You can change the name at any time, so don’t over-think this step.

Then click the big big green link ‘Click here to build your own page.’

Choose any of the page content options from the left hand menu, and if you need to, change the button name at the top.

That’s it. Easy? Super-easy.

Use a Text Element to Add Social Media Badges and Widgets to Your gdWebsite

So, you have a Twitter account, a Facebook page, and you blog faithfully on your gdWebsite. But how do you let your website visitors know what’s in your social feed or how to follow you? The answer is the amazing flexibility of the text element.

Begin at the gdSiteBuilder and edit the page you wish to add your social widget(s) to.

Figure 1. Edit the page.

Add a text element from the controller menu by clicking the green plus sign and then edit the text element.

Figure 2. Add a text element.

Copy the HTML code for your widget or badge—if you’re not quite sure where to get this, look in the help pages of your favorite social sites, or do a Google search for it. Then paste the code into the text box.

Figure 3. Paste widget code and save changes.

Check the ‘do not format…’ box and click ‘Save Changes’.

That’s it! You should see your widget or badge displayed on your page. If you want to change the placement, just move the text element up or down on the page.

Figure 4. Reposition the element on the page.

Note: With our new gdSocial product, we’ll not only add these links for you automatically and include them in context-intelligent locations on your site, but we’ll setup syndication to link your blog to your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account. Interested? Contact us to learn more about gdSocial.

Search for Bank Owned and Short Sale Properties in the RMLS

We’ve got some great news for our clients—and their clients—in the RMLS. We’ve added two new search fields to all our gdWebsites in the RMLS area: Bank Owned and Short Sale.

Your clients can select Bank Owned or Short Sale options in any map search. You can set up a custom search for a variety of specific areas or price points by simply using the Showcase element on your webpages.

Enjoy the new functionality!

Doron Weisbarth, Broker

After doing a thorough research on the different companies and options available for RE brokers and agents, GraphicalData came out the clear winner. Their options, the level of technology, the flexibility and the price all made sense to me. I was assigned to work with Chris Mattix who had to endure long, hard and multiple questions. He answered them with great knowledge and patience, and really helped me see what my options are and steer me in the right direction. Thanks for the great job!

Doron Weisbarth, Broker

Doug Simcock, Broker/Owner

Mike set up a nice blogging site for my office!  Posting fresh content has never been easier and the design is clean and easy to use.  Mike and his team at GraphicalData have created a relevant and more meaningful web experience for our clients.

Doug Simcock, Broker/Owner

Paul Blumenstetter, CRB, CRS

I have been with GraphicalData since 2004. While I have had experiences with other website providers, and I am familiar with the competing websites available, I have found GraphicalData to be head and shoulders above them all. Not only is their product the best available, the price can’t be beat. But what makes it best of all is the customer service. Chris is always at the ready to answer a question, solve a problem, or develop a request. He is responsive and timely, always getting back to me immediately or same day. The customer service is A+. I would recommend GraphicalData to anyone.

Paul Blumenstetter, CRB, CRS

Craig & Diane Rhodes, SRES, SFR, MREB

We started with GraphicalData last year in Arizona with Windermere. Not too long after, Windermere got bought-out by Long Realty. We decided to switch our GraphicalData website to our Windermere business in Issaquah. GraphicalData was very helpful in changing our website to accommodate us at a very reasonable price.

We have been completely satisfied with your product. We continue to add more features all the time. It is a very “user-friendly” process…. We find your Tech Support to be very good.

We use the CMA feature all the time. It is a much better process than any other source. Thanks GraphicalData for a great product. We are excited to see what you are going to add next.

Craig & Diane Rhodes, SRES, SFR, MREB

Jean Groesbeck, Realtor, Broker, ABR, ASP, CNHS, CRS, RCC, E-Pro

GraphicalData is an excellent company to work with. We received exceptional service and training from Chris Mattix. The site is easy to use and allows enough customization to fit us but is…easy to get up and running. All of the staff is very helpful and most of our agents are now using GraphicalData for their websites.

Jean Groesbeck, Realtor, Broker, ABR, ASP, CNHS, CRS, RCC, E-Pro