Grammar Guide: Affect or Effect?

Common grammar blunders to avoid.

I won’t lie. Affect and effect still trip me up sometimes. I’m guessing I’m not alone.

In general, the easiest way to remember if you should use affect or effect is to first figure out if your word is a noun or a verb. Affect is generally used as a verb, and effect is usually used as a noun. Not sure? Try this: If you can replace the word with the noun result-and your sentence works and has the same meaning-you should use effect. Otherwise, you should use affect. Unfortunately, sometimes, effect is used as a verb and affect as a noun. No wonder we all still have trouble!

99% of the time, in your own writing, you’ll be using effect, the noun, or affect, the verb. Learn to tell the difference between those two parts of speech, and remember that effect is a noun and affect is a verb, and you really should have very little trouble. But how do you remember which is which?

Here, I bow to the superior knowledge of Grammar Girl. Click here to visit her Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing on effect and affect.