Have you received a strange spam email and it looks like hieroglyphics?

There are good ‘bots and bad ‘bots crawling out there…in fact, more malicious than good…scrapping info. In this case, a “Form Pirate” scraped your form. This happens regularly on the web…on our forms actually not so much, but it still does happen.

We will be installing “Captcha” onto the forms in the very near future to combat this problem. You may have already experienced this technique on other websites when completing and sending a form. The “Captcha” solution involves a security letters graphic, the letters of which need to be replicated and typed into a field before you can send the form. This solves a lot of the problem as a human can do this . . . and machines less so.

Bottom line though, this is not a threat…nothing internal is being compromised…and implementing the Captcha system will help substantially.