Introducing, the all-new,

After many months of team effort, we are really excited to launch our new public site.

While the new site started as a re-branding effort—as new owners, we wanted to refresh the look and feel of the site to make it better reflect our personal design aesthetic—we also had a few other goals in mind:

  • More clearly define our products and services
  • Make support articles, videos and contact information drop-dead easy to find
  • Eat our own dog food: Use our own product to build the site+blog with social media integration (more details on that in a future article)

We’ll be posting news articles, how-to’s, tips, product announcements, industry news and the like on our new blog on a regular basis. To keep up-to-date, we invite you to subscribe to receive automatic email updates:

» Subscribe to the gdBlog now

If you prefer, you can also follow us on facebook or twitter.

P.S. We’d love your feedback — good or bad — just leave us a note in the comments.


  1. Thanks Ryan. Can’t wait for you to get your new site up so we can use it as an example in the Portfolio. We really appreciate all your great feedback. – mike

  2. Ryan Martin says:

    The new site looks great Mike. Even better, the new products are amazing. The GDsocial is an awesome new tool. I’m looking forward to getting mine soon!