Need a Blog . . . Your GraphicalData Website Has One!

GraphicalData clients can easily add a Blog to their website . . . and at no additional cost!

The option of adding a Blog to your website should appear in the lower left side navigation when editing your website within the Website section of your admin center. It is entitled “Website Blog” with a blue and green “bubble” icon beside it. Just click to pull up your Blog, and get to know it. You will complete some simple set-up options . . . and then go ahead and create your Blog post.

Need help? Select the help section and find video tutorials showing how to start your Blog, and posting your first entry.

Once you have played around a bit you will see what an easy environment it is to work in . . .

Due to the fact that some GraphicalData clients have custom website designs, or have done extensive content editing, some may need a tweak from our end. If after creating an entry and viewing it, you find the layout looks strange, please email: with a link to your blog, and we will review it.

“Page Building 101” For Your GraphicalData Website

Learn how to  build a page on you GraphicalData website.  This class will cover how to  build a page in detail and will also include adding many different  features to that page.  Upon completing this webinar, you will fully  understand all aspects of building a page and should feel confident to  begin building many more pages on your site.

This class is scheduled for 2 hours, however the instruction should  be completed within 1-1/2 hours and then there will be time for  questions and answer.  Subscribe here for this webinar that will assist you in “growing” and understanding your website.

New Website Styles Available

Sometimes it is easy to have a website and get so busy with other matters that we do not keep it fresh and updated. If you have had your GraphicalData website for a few years now, and have not updated it recently, now could be a good time to do some “Spring Cleaning”.

Review some of the many newer styles available for your website — both vertical and horizontal navigation — and in the various color schemes available. These are found in the website section under the category of “Website Design & Style”. From there select the vertical or horizontal options and then review the available styles. One big note here . . . if you have more than 7 or 8 buttons on your current vertical navigation arrangement, then the horizontal may not be for you . . . as you will not have enough horizontal space to accommodate all of your button/pages in that direction. If this should be the case, you may be better served by staying with a vertical nav style.

If you should need help, please review the movie tutorial for this topic in the help section, and contact customer support if needed.

Additional GraphicalData Websites Are Very Affordable

IF you already subscribe to a GraphicalData website, you can create a 2nd, or 3rd or more websites for discounted multiple website fees.

Should you want to develop an additional website for a unique marketing venue, with all the full features of your existing site, it is affordable for you to do so. As long as additional sites are created for the same person and same profile information, your second website is available for $30/mo and additional sites beyond that for only $20/mo each.

For example, perhaps you would like to target or focus on a specific neighborhood . . . or perhaps a different aspect of real estate such as waterfront properties . . . or you may need a website totally focused on a special listing you might have.

Each website would have its own domain name to reflect its unique roll in your marketing efforts.

This can be a great way to continue expanding your presence online…and our way of saying thank you.

For more information on on creating additional sites (with the same agent profile), contact us at

Factors That Influence Ranking Well On Search Engines

I know we all would like to be in the top 10 when it comes to ranking well in the search engines. It takes time, knowledge, tweaking and patience. It can actually be a full time job…and top SEO professionals can make a LOT of money helping you get there.

Tapping the services of a full time, experienced SEO firm would be ideal, but for many of us in small business, this may not be an affordable option. So, if you don’t have a lot of time to learn and devote to the search engine optimization (SEO) of your site…and you don’t want to spend a lot of money…what do you do?

Visit this article that reviews many of the  factors influencing how well you rank on the search engines. A nice simple article on the main things you can do to help your site do better.

You can also contact GraphicalData for affordable assistance in “staging your website” for the search engines. We provide proven optimization and submission for GraphicalData websites to the primary search engines.

Customize Your GraphicalData Website

I often get calls asking to help an agent change around his or her website. I often can assist with an answer to a specific question, but many times, an agent wants a whole new look, and that is more than I can provide.

So, the answer is…if you currently have a standard GraphicalData website (or even an older custom design that needs refreshing) and feel that now may be the time to upgrade to a customized look, that is easy for our designers to do!

A customized look would include your own unique banner, designed with you in mind. Also your background colors, button colors and the like.

We can beef up the look and text content on your home page, and have additional content that can be added to increase the functionality of your site, including buyer and seller tips, interest rates (refresh daily), privacy policy, your loan officer if desired, area links, and other contents that you might have or want.

If you would like a more sophisticated look…the cool thing is that a GraphicalData site can become just about anything you would like it to be. And, it’s affordable too! Just contact us today at 360-698-1725…and ask for Toni our account manager. She will be happy to help!

Did You Know You Can Place MLS#s Behind Your Domain Name?

For an easy on-line address to a listing on a GraphicalData website, you can place a listing’s MLS number directly behind your domain name separated by a forward slash (/). For example, you could have a clean link for promotion purposes by using this technique and creating an address of “”.

This is a great way to share a listing that includes your domain name for written advertising or when adding the link to an email.


You have to edit. There’s no way around. If you’re lucky enough to have a professional writer in your office, then you have it easy. Send your stuff along to him or her and get on with your other tasks. But, if you’re like many of us, self-editing is your only option.

Here’s a few tips I’ve learned in my own self-editing adventures.

  1. Take your time. Give yourself as much time as possible between writing and editing. Maybe you only have a few hours. Write and then go to lunch or write something else. Then go back to your first piece and edit. If you have a few days, even better. A little time away from your writing will help you see it with fresh (and more critical) eyes.
  2. Don’t edit on the fly. Writing is writing, and editing is editing. Write first, then edit. If you try to edit as you write, you’ll just have to edit again later, and you’ll frustrate yourself with over thinking what you’re writing.
  3. Use your voice. And I don’t mean your writing “voice” I mean the voice you sing with. Read your work aloud. You’ll catch awkward phrases and all those misplaced homonyms that spell check will miss.
  4. Share the load. Give officemates or even family members an opportunity to look over what you’ve written. This should help you improve clarity and catch remaining problem phrases.

What about you? What methods do you use, and what tips can you share for making self-editing more effective and efficient? Let us know in the comments!

Top 10 SEO Mistakes That Are Easy To Make

In my last post regarding ranking well in the search engines, I provided a link to an article about “Top 10 SEO Factors”. This post is a follow-up article in regards to what can provide barriers to search engine spiders or robots trying to crawl your website.

Visit this article to find a brief look at the top 10 mistakes made by website designers or those endeavoring to optimize a site for the search engines…and how to correct them.

Add Your Sales History to Your GraphicalData Website

Did you know that you can post Your Most Recent Sales to your Website?

What is cool about this is that it can include not only your own listings that have sold, but also any sales that you have made (since you own half that side of the transaction).

This is easy to set up. First, create a new page. Then select the “Sold Listings” module to reside on this page. Insert the mls #s for any of the sold listings. You can name your button/page “Sales History”, “Sold Listings” “Recent Sales” or anything that works for you.

This feature will hold up to 40 sold listings, and will keep them for as long as they are in the MLS database. Should you require more than 40 listings, consider adding two pages and dividing them into “Home Sales History” and “Land Sales History” or the like and you can probably include them all.

One thing, since older sales drop out with age when the MLS drops them, consider overwriting the old MLS numbers with your latest. This technique will always ensure having a full house of  recent solds.