Promoting Yourself and Your Listings

With the increasing popularity of video, both as a way to promote your listings as well as yourself, it is important that you choose a device that will produce the best quality, and that it is easy to use as well as being priced right.

I’d first like to talk about promoting your listings using video.  You may not realize it but video is becoming the new norm for listing virtual tours.  It is replacing the more two dimensional approach of still photos or even the over-used panoramic shots that are usually distorted due to the small room size.  The use of video allows the potential buyers the ability to feel as if they are walking through the house and if the agent uses narration they even feel like they’re getting a guided tour.  It’s the closest thing to actually being there.  This is great if the buyer is considering relocating and can’t be there to physically see the house.

There are many options for video cameras,  and with new technology there are a couple of things to consider when selecting which camera is for you.  Gone are are the days of recording on a cassette tape.  Now you are able to record directly on to a removable card as small as a postage stamp (Micro SD) or even better, video cameras now have their own hard drive with sizes averaging from 60GB to as large as 120GB.  You can buy a video camera that records in High Definition (HD) which is also becoming the format of choice.  You can even buy a complete HD Flash Memory video camera that can easily fit in your shirt pocket, and all you have to do when done recording is plug it into your computer and send it directly to YouTube (Flip Mino HD).  With technology advancing so quickly, you benefit from great pricing.  I’ve seen a HD video camcorder with 120GB Hard drive as well as a removable memory card for $850.  You can also find video cameras as low as $350 that will serve you very well.

As for promoting yourself.  You will be looking for Webcams.  Webcams have so many uses from video email, to video blogging.  I really feel that video will replace traditional email someday.  How many times have you read an email and couldn’t tell if the sender was angry with your or not?  What if you communicated using video email?  There would not be any miscommunication.  Also, how much could you set yourself apart if your sent video email as opposed to traditional email?  If you use Social Networking like Facebook, then what better way to update your status or wish that former client Happy Birthday than to send them a video?  Again, just another way to set yourself apart.

Last but not least, Video Blogging (Vlog) is becoming more popular for Bloggers because it is a lot easier to sit down and record what you’d like to say instead of typing it out like this long winded blog post I’m doing right now.  Not to mention it is a lot easier for the reader to watch the post instead of reading it.

Webcam technology has also come a long way.  If you have one that is older than 3-4 years old, you should probably upgrade.  The advantages to the new ones are really in lens quality and recording speed (aka Frame per second).  The more frames per second means that if there is motion in the video, you aren’t all blurred.  This is great.  There is nothing I dislike more than watching a ghost-like video recorded by someone.  My personal favorite is the Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000.  You can find it for as low as $70.

A great place to read reviews on these and other technology devices is at