Search Engine Friendly

We often see real estate websites on the internet that we refer to as “Realtor-in-the-Box-Sites”. These are sites that cater to real estate agents and offer some of the types of products that we have available. However, there are usually major differences…

Many of these sites are based on what we call “active server pages” technology. These (website) pages don’t actually exist in real time…each page is generated dynamically when it is called up (by clicking on the page’s button in the nav bar). These pages don’t really exist in real time for a search engine to crawl, compounded by the fact that they often have a “query string in the URL than can confuse a a search engine’s “crawler”, thereby making it more difficult to index.

Some sites do not allow you the ability to modify the title tag in the head section. This is one of the most important areas to control for search engine rankings. Your business and the area of your business should certainly be reflected in this section (ie. Bellevue Washington Real Estate and Relocation).

Of course, it is also beneficial to be able to control the content of your Meta description and keywords tags.

Your site should allow you to control the sizes and emphasis (ie BOLD) of your fonts. Search engines perceive larger sizes and emphasis to be important.

You should have the ability to provide ample amounts of text (in real live html format) on your page, not generated into graphics. Search engines read html text. They don’t read graphics. The text on your page should be good, “honest content” and reflect what your site is really all about. This means good target words/phrases that describe your area/business. Remember this: Good quality, relevant content is king! If you provide that, your ranking will nearly take care of itself.

You should have the ability to add ALT tags (Alternative Text) to any graphics (You know, the text that pops up when you hold your cursor over a graphic).

It is also important that your keyword phrases be used as html in your buttons (links)…and on GraphicalData sites, if you provide for the keywords in the button name, our system automatically takes care of this for you, so you don’t even need to worry about it.

Your site should, if at all possible, provide for a site map of your website. Many search engines like them, especially Google. We provide for a static html site map as well as XML.

Actually all of the above criteria that I have touched upon happens in the best light on a GraphicalData website. We want to not only provide the best in real estate web sites, but also make them search engine friendly…and the best part of all…you can control most of it yourself (unless you really don’t feel comfortable doing so…then we are more than happy to assist).