Don’t Be Left In The Dark

Have you ever been unpleasantly surprised by a glitch in your GraphicalData products or service? Sometimes changes happen and we have to react. But while we’re working to fix things, you might see odd behavior from your IDX feed, your website, or the gdWorkSpace.

Stay up to date with development updates, MLS outages, and other unexpected interruptions.  We’ll even let you know if we find a work-around for a common support issue. Where, you ask? In the Dashboard System Alerts.

Look for it in the center-left of your Dashboard for the latest announcements from our development and support staff.

FlyerMaker in Internet Explorer

If you’re using the Internet Explorer (IE) browser, flyer changes may not be saved properly. We are working to fix this, but in the mean time use this work-around when editing and saving changes to a flyer.

With your IE browser window open, click on ‘Tools’ next to ‘Favorites’ in the browser navigation bar. Select ‘Internet Options’. In the 2nd section down you will see ‘Browsing History’, click on delete. This will bring up another box, and the first option you will see is ‘Temporary Internet Files’. Click on ‘Delete Files’, then click ‘Yes’ in the confirmation box.

Your cache will be cleared, and the saved flyer will be visible.

Website Movie & PDF Tutorials

Have you visited the “Help” module in your GraphicalData Admin Center? There are many topics from basic web page building, to activating your blog, to adding Google Analytics to your website.

Log into your admin center and then click through to your Website tab. On the  side of your screen you will see the Help icon. Click on it to access the help section. You will find movie tutorials, instructional PDF’s, FAQ’s, and more.

This help section is designed specifically to provide you with the assistance you need to build out and manage your website.

If you need assistance even after watching/reading these tutorials, feel free to contact our client support during normal business hours.