Do I Have Unlimited Storage for my Domain-based Email?

Domain-based emails are provided by a 3rd party company that we use. The company specializes only in email services to large companies and do a pretty good job of it, as email services are a can of worms any way you look at it. When the total space gets filled, an automatic email is generated to you by the company indicating that an action needs to happen to free up space.

An email account is normally provided with 100 megabytes of space which is so huge I can’t tell you…unless one is working with major graphic attachments or the like. Actually it would not matter how much space is provided, sooner or later the space would get filled unless one tidies up occasionally.

For those of us that have an email that is associated to our domain name, or even have multiple email addresses, keeping track of which ones are filling up can be a chore. With all the spam that comes across these days, mailbox space is at a premium, and letting it go too long will result in messages not being delivered…and receiving the warning message to do some clean-up maintenance.

You should also make it a point to check your SPAM folders frequently, just to make sure the good things are being let in. Another option is to set up an automatic purge that will clear out messages after they are a certain age.

Checking email on a mobile device will not always remove them from the server itself. If you check emails via a mobile device, it is even more important to keep an eye on your available storage, as you would have received your messages via your mobile devise, but they will remain on the email server.  If regularly checking email from a mobile device, this is another good reason to set up a purge for your inbox. This way you can acquire your emails, and not have to worry about your available space filling up.

This would apply to any of our clients that have email through GraphicalData’s email provider. You can access your account at and then use your user / pass to access your account.

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