gdIntranet Launches at Windermere North Spokane

SPOKANE, WA — Dallas Becker joined the ownership of Windermere North Spokane in 2007. Today he continues his family’s commitment to providing world-class real estate service to his clients and the best resources and tools available to his agents.

GraphicalData is providing some of those tools. We’ve recently launched gdIntranet to help the owners, staff, and agents of Windermere North Spokane improve communication and productivity.

Figure 1. The intranet dashboard.

Here’s just a few of the ways gdIntranet works to unify Dallas’s team while saving them time and effort.

Company calendar

A single, unified calendar allows the entire team to know the schedule without having to worry about making it into the office or calling and emailing to find out about changes. Open houses, Office events, partner meetings—everything’s right there, updated in real time.

Figure 2. Company calendar.

One place to find the right document

Document management is streamlined and simplified with electronic copies and permission-based access. Each member of the Windermere North Spokane team—from owners and management to agents and staff—can be assured that the latest updates to manuals, handbooks, contracts, etc. are available to the right people at the right time.

Figure 3. Browsing for documents.

Communication is key

Communication is vital to the success of Dallas, his agents and his staff. gdIntranet covers this area in a variety of ways.

  • A secure, internal blog enables Dallas to update his entire team, while team members can access these broadcasts at their convenience.
  • If something urgent needs to be shared, push email—flitered by group or role—can get the message out immediately.
  • Message boards allow for discussion and feedback between interested parties without the cumbersome scheduling of conference calls or meetings.

Figure 4. Message center.

Thanks to GraphicalData, we now have a user-friendly, customized intranet solution to offer our agents. Not only did Mike and the rest of the GD team work hard to understand our needs, they quickly turned our wish list into reality.

The response we received from our agents has been very positive—easy to navigate, aesthetically pleasing and packed with useful information. We look forward to working with GD as we continue our efforts to deliver world class tools and services to our agent partners.

Dallas Becker, Windermere North Spokane

GraphicalData and Dallas Becker are working together to offer a wide array of productivity tools to the agents of Windermere North Spokane. Tools that get used, and can be found in a single place, accessible from any internet-connected computer or device the agents use, for productivity anywhere, any time.