Drive Traffic to Your Website

Did you know that “Direct Navigation” can often account for as much traffic to your website as do search engines…perhaps even more?

“Direct Navigation” can happen when someone types in your domain name, or URL directly into the address bar of their browser. This also  can include links from emails and bookmarks.

What might some of these marketing solutions be? Business cards, direct mail, magazine ads, newspapers, signage, etc.

For example, in Homes and Land…or newspaper advertising, you could continue to show 2 or 3 listings or whatever, but would devote the thrust of your message as to why they should visit your website with 2 or 3 zingers…maybe even only one if it is a biggie.

And another idea…send out those postcards. You could display an image of your website on the card, and then list a zinger or two as to why the recipient should visit your website. Agents that have done this  say they could see the increased traffic to their websites via their stats.

You can probably reduce the size of your advertisement one notch!

Here is a list of zingers that you can place in your advertising.

  • NEW! Search homes by neighborhood!
  • See Photos of your favorite listings!
  • View all MLS listings from all real estate companies.
  • See what homes sold for in your neighborhood.
  • Estimate what your home is worth.
  • Save your favorite listings for future viewing.
  • Save your search for future viewing
  • Find information on schools, and neighborhoods.
  • Receive the latest email notification of new listings matching your search criteria.
  • Send listings of interest to family and friends by email.
  • View Buyer and Sellers tips.
  • Calculate how much home you can afford.
  • Calculate your mortgage payments.

Integrate your marketing strategies…offline marketing and online marketing…then watch your traffic grow!

Promoting Yourself and Your Listings

With the increasing popularity of video, both as a way to promote your listings as well as yourself, it is important that you choose a device that will produce the best quality, and that it is easy to use as well as being priced right.

I’d first like to talk about promoting your listings using video.  You may not realize it but video is becoming the new norm for listing virtual tours.  It is replacing the more two dimensional approach of still photos or even the over-used panoramic shots that are usually distorted due to the small room size.  The use of video allows the potential buyers the ability to feel as if they are walking through the house and if the agent uses narration they even feel like they’re getting a guided tour.  It’s the closest thing to actually being there.  This is great if the buyer is considering relocating and can’t be there to physically see the house.

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Steps You Can Take to Improve Your Business

28 Pro-active AND inexpensive steps you can take today to improve your real estate business:

1. Send out unsolicited CMA’s, follow up with a phone call.
2. Hand written notes to your clients.
3. Call 50 houses around your new listing
4. Door knock 50 houses around your new listing
5. More photos for each of your listings
6. Blog (Limit your time spent here)
7. Do your own SEO work on your website (Limit your time spent here)
8. Call expired listings
9. Use drip e-mail marketing
10. Talk with FSBO’s

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ABC’s of Web Site Promotion

If you might like more traffic to your website, it takes more than just launching a website, “and they will come”…

It actually takes a little bit of work…I want to share some of the ways you can drive more traffic to your site. Some may seem obvious and easy, while others are less obvious and may take a moment of your time. But, all will benefit you in the promotion of your website.

a). Make sure that your office internet coordinator or office administrator has added your domain name to your office’s online agent roster;

b). Include your domain name (and email) on your business cards, brochures, flyers and any other promotional materials that you might produce;

c). Ensure you have incorporated these same items into your email signature and any email-driven newsletters that you might send out;

d). Do you advertise in Homes and Land, the local newspaper, or other types of printed medium…then be sure and include your website domain name here as well;

e). Whenever there is a newsworthy event, submit it to the local newspapers for inclusion. Often it will get printed…especially if it is community-worthy. Don’t forget to include your domain name!

f). Write articles for online newsletters and the like. Show yourself as an authority. Be sure and include your domain name. You can submit to various online entities such as and;

The ways to promote your site are limited only by your imagination…just remember, by driving folks to your site will give them most of the information they need. All listings…schools…communities…area links…even what nearby homes have sold for and differing types of featured listings that you might have on your site. And a way to contact you!

And remember…include that domain name on everything!