Additional GraphicalData Websites Are Very Affordable

IF you already subscribe to a GraphicalData website, you can create a 2nd, or 3rd or more websites for discounted multiple website fees.

Should you want to develop an additional website for a unique marketing venue, with all the full features of your existing site, it is affordable for you to do so. As long as additional sites are created for the same person and same profile information, your second website is available for $30/mo and additional sites beyond that for only $20/mo each.

For example, perhaps you would like to target or focus on a specific neighborhood . . . or perhaps a different aspect of real estate such as waterfront properties . . . or you may need a website totally focused on a special listing you might have.

Each website would have its own domain name to reflect its unique roll in your marketing efforts.

This can be a great way to continue expanding your presence online…and our way of saying thank you.

For more information on on creating additional sites (with the same agent profile), contact us at

Promoting Yourself and Your Listings

With the increasing popularity of video, both as a way to promote your listings as well as yourself, it is important that you choose a device that will produce the best quality, and that it is easy to use as well as being priced right.

I’d first like to talk about promoting your listings using video.  You may not realize it but video is becoming the new norm for listing virtual tours.  It is replacing the more two dimensional approach of still photos or even the over-used panoramic shots that are usually distorted due to the small room size.  The use of video allows the potential buyers the ability to feel as if they are walking through the house and if the agent uses narration they even feel like they’re getting a guided tour.  It’s the closest thing to actually being there.  This is great if the buyer is considering relocating and can’t be there to physically see the house.

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Website Optimization 101

This post contains tips for optimizing the content on your pages for the search engines.

The search engines (Google especially) like enough content to sink their teeth into so that when they receive a search query from from a visitor, they feel “confident” in serving up their results. If you have not provided good, quality content, then they will feel less “confident” and you will not be ranked near the top of the results. So, first criteria…good content on your page.

REMEMBER THIS…if you have the right content on your page…telling your visitors what your site is all about and what they are going to find within your website, then most everything will take care of itself. What too many site owners try to do is use popular keywords or keyword phrases lots of times, create content that is redundant and not in proper context and expect their site to show well. Just be honest…provide good content…use keywords wisely throughout your site, and you’ll be surprised at how well your site will rise to the top…albeit slowly. WHY? The search engines want to serve up honest content…good content…relevant content. So, why not give it to them and benefit from it???

I like to make a larger, bold header at the top of the page which should contain the most important keyword phrase (and what the site is really all about), preferably in an H1 tag format.

I then like to follow up with a secondary, slightly less sized sub header emphasizing the rest of your website’s objective. For example “Bremerton Real Estate” in large text, followed up with “Also Focusing on Port Orchard, Silverdale and neighboring communities in Kitsap County”.

The rest of my content, including a photo or the like would then continue down the body of the page.

Now, tweaking that content a bit. Search engines perceive that top of the page “real estate” is more important than the bottom. They perceive “large sizes” of text as more important than small. They give more credit to emphasized text (bold for example) than not emphasized. So, it would benefit a website in rankings if one endeavors to meet these criteria.

My next post will include insight on working with “behind the page” criteria.

Get Involved to Get your Real Estate Business Going…

The number 1 way to increase your business……is to be in front of people. Some agents try to do this through geographic farming, standing open houses, door knocking or other prospecting means.

How about a new approach, do something you enjoy doing AND oh by the way you happen to sell real estate. When you work side by side with people, toiling over a common goal or conversing about common interests and you later do business with them, you will find that business to be more meaningful, successful and fun.

Volunteering from a business stand point is a multi-faceted activity. You win because you are meeting new people, you are building your personal brand and feel the satisfaction of volunteerism. The organization wins because you are bringing talents, contacts and energy to the group. The community wins because of the service you and your organization bring to the whole. Along the way you will do more business.

When you lead as a salesperson you often loose, when you lead as who you are as a real person, everyone wins. Try these ideas and get involved….get started win-winning.

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Effective Real Estate Photography

Part three in a multi-part series on improving your ad-writing skills

I know what you’re thinking; photography isn’t “ad-writing.” You’re right. However, I’m committed to helping you improve your online and printed real estate advertising skills, and—as you may already know—photographs are a central aspect of real estate marketing; at least as important as a good headline, if not more so.

At best, I’m an amateur photographer, so here’s a novice’s attempt to share the wisdom I’ve gleaned from those in the know.

First and foremost, your listing photos are significant. They are an absolutely essential part of your pitch. Bad photos, like poor headlines, can almost guarantee your prospect will skip the rest of your ad entirely.

Recent numbers from the National Association of Realtors indicate that 1 in 4 buyers saw their new home for the first time on the internet, where 4 out of 5 buyers begin their home search. For a large majority of people, online photographs are the way to first view a property.

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QUESTION: What Should I Provide On My Website?

* Give your visitors a reason to come back. People do business with people they know the best and like the best. Update your site frequently with good, fresh information and content. Provide resources that demand your visitor’s to return to view the new information. Actually, our “automatic notification of new listings” is also a great tool that automatically encourages visitors into your site.

* Make your site look different than others. This is easy to do with GraphicalData sites as you have control over banners, colors, content, tools and resources. Create a really interesting and appealing home entry page. And our support staff is just a call away if you should have questions.

* Since a real estate website’s job is to generate interest and establish a need for your services you need to include information about real estate on your website. Provide good content. We’ve heard the the real estate phrase “location, location, location.” Well, on a web site it is content, content, content. With some good basic local information (links) from you, GraphicalData information modules will take care of the rest. GraphicalData provides excellent school and neighborhood information and the home search and listing database integrates seamlessly into your site.

* Capture names or emails. You can do that with the myriad number of forms you can provide in your site…create an account, general comment form, showing request form, free cma form,  free school information form, free neighborhood information form and more.

These are just a few of the items that should be found on a good real estate website.

Steps You Can Take to Improve Your Business

28 Pro-active AND inexpensive steps you can take today to improve your real estate business:

1. Send out unsolicited CMA’s, follow up with a phone call.
2. Hand written notes to your clients.
3. Call 50 houses around your new listing
4. Door knock 50 houses around your new listing
5. More photos for each of your listings
6. Blog (Limit your time spent here)
7. Do your own SEO work on your website (Limit your time spent here)
8. Call expired listings
9. Use drip e-mail marketing
10. Talk with FSBO’s

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