Use a Text Element to Add Social Media Badges and Widgets to Your gdWebsite

So, you have a Twitter account, a Facebook page, and you blog faithfully on your gdWebsite. But how do you let your website visitors know what’s in your social feed or how to follow you? The answer is the amazing flexibility of the text element.

Begin at the gdSiteBuilder and edit the page you wish to add your social widget(s) to.

Figure 1. Edit the page.

Add a text element from the controller menu by clicking the green plus sign and then edit the text element.

Figure 2. Add a text element.

Copy the HTML code for your widget or badge—if you’re not quite sure where to get this, look in the help pages of your favorite social sites, or do a Google search for it. Then paste the code into the text box.

Figure 3. Paste widget code and save changes.

Check the ‘do not format…’ box and click ‘Save Changes’.

That’s it! You should see your widget or badge displayed on your page. If you want to change the placement, just move the text element up or down on the page.

Figure 4. Reposition the element on the page.

Note: With our new gdSocial product, we’ll not only add these links for you automatically and include them in context-intelligent locations on your site, but we’ll setup syndication to link your blog to your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account. Interested? Contact us to learn more about gdSocial.

Troubleshooting – Sending a screenshot will help us, help you.

Occasionally, a strange occurrence may happen within your website system. Should that be the case, it will assist us in “troubleshooting” the situation if you are able to provide a “screenshot” of what may be happening. This is especially important if for some reason we are unable to replicate the same occurrence from our end.

How to take and email a screenshot:

First, have the “anomaly” showing on your computer screen. Then find the Print Screen button and while the anomaly is still on the screen, hit that button.

You will now need to paste this “screen capture” into a photo editing program, such as Paint. Once opened, click edit, and select paste. This will paste the screen into your paint editing program. You will then need to save it (gif, jpg or png), and when doing so, you should give it an identifiable name.

Then, open your email program and attach this file to an email. Be sure and explain what is amiss (unless you have already done so to client support and they are expecting this screen capture. Send it to where we will be able to take a look and determine the solution.