Customize Your GraphicalData Website

I often get calls asking to help an agent change around his or her website. I often can assist with an answer to a specific question, but many times, an agent wants a whole new look, and that is more than I can provide.

So, the answer is…if you currently have a standard GraphicalData website (or even an older custom design that needs refreshing) and feel that now may be the time to upgrade to a customized look, that is easy for our designers to do!

A customized look would include your own unique banner, designed with you in mind. Also your background colors, button colors and the like.

We can beef up the look and text content on your home page, and have additional content that can be added to increase the functionality of your site, including buyer and seller tips, interest rates (refresh daily), privacy policy, your loan officer if desired, area links, and other contents that you might have or want.

If you would like a more sophisticated look…the cool thing is that a GraphicalData site can become just about anything you would like it to be. And, it’s affordable too! Just contact us today at 360-698-1725…and ask for Toni our account manager. She will be happy to help!