Updating Your Listings in SnapViewer

If you have a SnapViewer activated on your website, it is easy to update the listings in it.

Probably the only tricky thing is to make the changes to your existing SnapViewer and not create a new one. Typically, you will be modifying an existing SnapViewer that we have already created within your site.

When modifying a SnapViewer that has already been created in your GD site, just follow the following simple steps:

  1. Login as you normally would in your admin center using your email and password
  2. Select Tools >>> Marketing Tools
  3. Select SnapViewer
  4. Then in the upper left corner of the subsequent page, select “Edit” under “Edit an Existing SnapViewer”
  5. On the page to follow, it will be evident how to add new MLS#s or replace existing MLS#s
  6. When satisfied, click the “Build Snap-Viewer” button and it will instantly update your SnapViewer Flash presentation.
  7. ***If you visit the “Help” section in you Website section, you will also find a movie tutorial on this topic***