Video! One exciting way to use the Text Element on your gdWebSite

You’ve heard it’s a great idea to post video on your website, right? It can really help your SEO, adds interest and variety for visitors, and can get more buyers looking at showcased properties. What’s not to love about video?

If you’d like to take a crack at posting video on your gdWebSite, read on.

Your first step is finding a hosting site. There are a lot of free options to choose from, and for a simple home-tour video, they should all meet your needs. Squidoo has a good article listing many of your options for free online video hosting.

Host your video and then copy the embed code—which should be available after you finish uploading your video to the hosting site. Now you’re ready to get started!

Begin at the gdSiteBuilder and edit the page you wish to add your video to, or, start fresh with a new page.

Add a text element from the controller menu by clicking the green plus sign and then edit the text element.

Paste the embed code into the text box. Check the “Do not format…” box and click ‘Save Changes’.

That’s it! You’ve got video on your gdWebSite!.