Need a Blog . . . Your GraphicalData Website Has One!

GraphicalData clients can easily add a Blog to their website . . . and at no additional cost!

The option of adding a Blog to your website should appear in the lower left side navigation when editing your website within the Website section of your admin center. It is entitled “Website Blog” with a blue and green “bubble” icon beside it. Just click to pull up your Blog, and get to know it. You will complete some simple set-up options . . . and then go ahead and create your Blog post.

Need help? Select the help section and find video tutorials showing how to start your Blog, and posting your first entry.

Once you have played around a bit you will see what an easy environment it is to work in . . .

Due to the fact that some GraphicalData clients have custom website designs, or have done extensive content editing, some may need a tweak from our end. If after creating an entry and viewing it, you find the layout looks strange, please email: with a link to your blog, and we will review it.