Statistics / Analytics For Your Website

If you have not already added Google Analytics to your website…now is a good time to do so.

All that a GraphicalData website user needs to do is create an account in Google,  sign up for Google Analytics and then do a quick copy-paste and you are done.

This powerful Web-based statistics package used to cost hundreds of dollars per month before Google bought it and now makes it available for free.

To begin, go to and if you already have a Google account, just use it. If not follow the steps for creating an account and you are on your way.

Once you have created your Google account, you can then sign up for Google Analytics. After creating your analytics account and providing the domain name for your website, a small snippet of code wil be displayed. You will need to copy the “UA” account number from within the script of code and insert it into the appropriate place in your admin center…which will activate it.

[NOTE: GraphicalData has provided a manual to walk you through this whole process. Go into your admin center>website>website statistics>New! Google Analytics (or view manual here). Also take note of the field where you will paste in your Google Analytics account number. Then click the “Update Analytics” button and you are good to go.]

After this process is completed, you will be able to log into your Google Analytics account from any Web browser and see daily real time statistics on everything you could ever want to know about your site visitors and their behavior. All kinds of charts and graphs and information.

If you should have a challenge creating this account, call our support line as found on and we will be glad to assist.

Website statistics are highly useful if you have the ability to a) understand what they are saying about your site’s ability or lack of ability to convert visitors to clients, and b) they can be used to help create a strategic plan of action.