New Website Styles Available

Sometimes it is easy to have a website and get so busy with other matters that we do not keep it fresh and updated. If you have had your GraphicalData website for a few years now, and have not updated it recently, now could be a good time to do some “Spring Cleaning”.

Review some of the many newer styles available for your website — both vertical and horizontal navigation — and in the various color schemes available. These are found in the website section under the category of “Website Design & Style”. From there select the vertical or horizontal options and then review the available styles. One big note here . . . if you have more than 7 or 8 buttons on your current vertical navigation arrangement, then the horizontal may not be for you . . . as you will not have enough horizontal space to accommodate all of your button/pages in that direction. If this should be the case, you may be better served by staying with a vertical nav style.

If you should need help, please review the movie tutorial for this topic in the help section, and contact customer support if needed.

New Website Styles Available

There are new website styles available for your GraphicalData style-based websites.

To view styles available,  log into your GraphicalData Dashboard and visit the website section.  Then select the “Website Design & Style” section. You can scroll through the styles provided and find all styles — new and previously existing styles — including styles based on wider monitor resolutions.

Each style usually has several color selections to choose from as well.

We will continue to add new styles on a frequent basis, so check back often.